Executive Sales & Marketing

Islamabad, Pakistan

Job Description:

We are looking for a Technical "Executive Sales & Marketing" to oversee sales activities, manage customer’s accounts, ensure clients are satisfied, and generate new sales opportunities.

Position Structure:

Sales & Marketing

Line Manager:
Akhund Abunasar Siddiq


Job Requirements

  • Base Qualifications:
    • Bachelor Degree

    Position Type:
    • Full-time
    Skills & Tools:

    o   Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Business or a Related Field

    o   Customer Service

    o   Client Relationships

    o   Interpersonal Communication

    o   Marketing Strategies

    o   Product Development

    o   Creativity

    o   Financial Strategy

    o   Data Tracking

    o   Written and Verbal Communication

    o   Organization, Planning, Research and Analysis

    o   People Management, Leadership

    Job Experience Required:

    o   3-5 years’ experience in marketing or sales. 

    o   Understanding and knowledge of sales and marketing especially Technical Knowledge in IT Industry

    o   Strong analytical, organizational, and creative thinking skills. 

    o   Excellent communication, interpersonal, and customer service skills. 

    o   Knowledge of data analysis and report writing. 

    o   The ability to understand and follow company policies and procedures. 

    o   Ability to work under pressure.

Duties & Responsibilities

                                                                                    • Contributes information, ideas, and research to help develop marketing strategies
                                                                                    • Helps to detail, design, and implement marketing plans for each product or service being offered
                                                                                    • Sets marketing schedules and coordinates with colleagues, sponsors, media representatives, and other professionals to implement strategies across multiple channels
                                                                                    • Develops sales strategies and approaches for various products and services, such as special promotions, sponsored events, etc.
                                                                                    • Answers questions from clients about product and service benefits
                                                                                    • Maintains excellent relationships with clients through superior customer service
                                                                                    • Tracks sales data and works to meet quotas or sales team goals
                                                                                    • Analyses trends, data, demographics, pricing strategies, and other information that can potentially improve marketing and sales performance
                                                                                    • Creates and presents regular performance reports for managers and executives
                                                                                    • Helps to interview, hire, manage, and direct members of the company’s marketing and sales teams
                                                                                    • Assigns specific employees to marketing and sales projects or client accounts as needed
                                                                                    • Implements and adheres to company policies and procedures 
                                                                                    • Attends trade shows and travels to meet clients as needed

                                                                                  Reporting Responsibilities (Daily, Weekly & Monthly)

                                                                                  • Daily Reporting:
                                                                                    Client Follow up and visit reports

                                                                                    Weekly Reporting:
                                                                                    Opportunity status updates

                                                                                    Monthly Reporting:
                                                                                    Monthly Sales Forecast