Data Center Project Manager (MEP, Networking & Civil)

Islamabad, Pakistan

Job Description:

Fortek is seeking a highly skilled Data Center Project Manager with experience in managing and leading various data center projects to join our team full time. The Data Center Project Manager will be responsible for overseeing the development, design, and construction of data centers in Pakistan. This is an on-site role that requires the project manager to manage the project throughout its life cycle with the help of key stakeholders including the project team, vendors, and other supporting teams.

Position Structure:

Technical & Projects

Line Manager:
Muhammad Ali Asif

Technical & Projects

Job Requirements

  • Base Qualifications:
    • Bachelor Degree
    • Certifications

    Position Type:
    • Full-time
    Skills & Tools:

    Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (Electrical) – Project Management Professional Certification is a plus.

    Strong organizational & leadership skills.

    Excellent communication and inter-personnel skills

    Knowledge of Technical Operations & applicable standards for the area of work

    Knowledge of applicable tools and equipment.

    Critical & analytical thinking

    Proven experience as an MEP Project Manager in the IT industry

    Able to complete tasks on time with minimal supervision.

    The ability to work under pressure.

    The Candidate must be honest, obedient and hardworking.

    Job Experience Required:

    Minimum 6 Years of relevant experience

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Duties & Responsibilities:  

    As a Project Manager specializing in Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) systems, you play a crucial role in the successful execution of projects. Your primary responsibility is to manage all aspects of MEP systems, ensuring they meet project goals and standards.  


    Key Responsibilities:  


    Project Planning: Develop comprehensive project plans, including budgets, timelines, and resource allocation, considering MEP requirements. Collaborate with architects, engineers, and stakeholders to define project objectives.  

    Team Leadership: Assemble and lead a team of MEP engineers, coordinators, and technicians. Provide guidance, assign tasks, and foster collaboration to ensure efficient project execution.  

    Budget Management: Monitor project finances, track expenditures, and make adjustments as necessary to stay within budget constraints. Prepare cost estimates for MEP components and ensure cost-effective solutions.  

    Schedule Oversight: Create and maintain project schedules, coordinating MEP activities with other Project phases. Identify and mitigate potential delays to keep the project on track.  

    Quality Assurance: Implement quality control processes to guarantee that MEP systems meet industry standards and regulatory requirements. Conduct inspections and testing to ensure compliance.  

    Vendor and Contractor Coordination: Collaborate with MEP contractors and suppliers to source materials, equipment, and labor.  

    Risk Management: Identify potential risks and develop mitigation strategies to avoid project setbacks. Address unforeseen challenges promptly to maintain project progress.  

    Code and Regulatory Compliance: Stay updated on building codes, regulations, and safety standards related to MEP systems. Ensure all installations and designs adhere to these requirements.  

    Communication: Maintain clear and consistent communication with project stakeholders, including clients, architects, and other teams involved. Provide regular progress reports and address concerns or questions.  

    Problem Resolution: Act as the point of contact for resolving issues related to the Project. Use your expertise to find innovative solutions to challenges that arise during Project.

Reporting Responsibilities (Daily, Weekly & Monthly)

  • Daily Reporting:
    Check and address any urgent issues related to MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) systems.
    Review and update the progress of networking installations and configurations.
    Monitor civil construction activities for adherence to the project timeline.
    Address immediate concerns raised by the project team or stakeholders.
    Coordinate with team leads for daily updates on individual tasks and challenges.

    Weekly Reporting:
    Summarize the progress of Project, highlighting any deviations from the plan.
    Provide an overview of Project milestones achieved during the week.
    Assess the status of Project's work done and identify potential risks.
    Review resource allocation and adjust as necessary for optimal efficiency.
    Communicate project updates to key stakeholders, addressing concerns and feedback.

    Monthly Reporting:
    Compile a comprehensive report on Project advancements, including challenges and solutions.
    Analyze the overall progress of the Project i.e. networking infrastructure, Civil Works, MEP Work and identifying areas for improvement.
    Notifying any changes to the original schedule / BOQ.
    Present a summary of key performance indicators (KPIs) and project milestones.
    Conduct a risk assessment for the upcoming month and propose mitigation strategies.